Cork factory apartments

As its name suggests, this building was at one point a cork factory with upwards of 1,000 people employed at the site.  However, by the time of its closure in 1974, the number of employees had been reduced to fewer than 300.  Much like the surrounding Strip District neighborhood, this building had become blighted and underutilized until the factory was redeveloped into high-end lofts.  In addition to bringing in more than 600 residents, this project has also spurred investment into the area including the construction of a retail and parking facility, the opening of several high-end eateries and a new marina and riverfront park.  DTI secured nearly $3.5 million in grant funds from several different sources. 

ucp/class-Center ii

The UCP/CLASS was founded in 1951 to enable people with disabilities to live full lives in their communities.  Over the years the organization has expanded to employ 700 workers of the UCP/CLASS who serve over 3,000 individuals and their families across the region.  With this expansion of purpose, the organization has outgrown its current headquarters and requires new facilities.  UCP/CLASS has purchased the former Center for Creative Play building located in Edgewood.  This 24,000 sq. ft. building will provide the access, square footage, communications infrastructure and location required to carry out their mission.  DTI secured grant funds in support of the construction of this project.